Current Proposed Sites

At ~ $1.5M, it is the cheapest site to build and is on an existing local bus route. Dixon grew 54% in the 1990's and has a population profile (33% Hispanic) known to increase ridership. It also promotes development in the rural north part of the county, helping to balance the jobs/housing mix and reduce commutes.

While intended to serve Vacaville, Fairfield, and Travis AFB, it is not convenient to any of them. On 9/11, Peabody Rd and Air Base Pkwy were backed up 1/2 mile due to increased security on Travis AFB. Thus, it would make traffic problems in Solano worse, not better. It also promotes "encroachment" on Travis AFB, which is a security risk and obstacle to the military mission. Therefore, it heightens risk of closure for this base, which is the single largest employer in the county and brings in over a billion dollars annually.

It is located in a protected wetland, therefore no development can occur near this site, thus limiting ridership growth. The expected ecological damage can be monetized at a high value due to loss of commercial, recreational, and other benefits and the fact that it is critical habitat. At an estimated cost of $5M, it will cost more to build than the other two proposed sites combined. Additionally, a spur line is being studied which may add commuter service through Napa and into Vallejo, our largest city and a passenger source for this proposed site. Such service would be cheaper and more environmentally sound than this site.


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